Daily Living &
Domestic Assistance

Breakaway’s experienced staff support participants with everyday living tasks and also assist them with learning independence through daily and domestic tasks.

We help participants learn skills that encourage self sustainability, such as meal planning, cooking, cleaning, yard maintenance, paying bills, washing and much more.

Domestic assistance allows people with a disability to gain more independence, even if you are a teenager who wants to contribute more to the family household we will help you achieve your goals. From cooking a meal on your own to taking care of the backyard - we support people with achieving their goal.     

Daily living and domestic assistance actively encourages day to day life skills and builds independence, enquire now about our support.

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Breakaway Contact

Breakaway Contact

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If you would like to find out more about the services Breakaway offer or you are not sure what service is right for your needs - contact us today.

Our friendly staff are also able to assist you in understanding your NDIS plan and funding to access the best services for you.

COVID-19 email hotline

Breakaway Contact

Breakaway Contact