Breakaway Toowoomba has been a part of the local landscape in disability support service provision for over 3 decades. 

This is a relationship we take very seriously and whether we have known and supported our valued clients since their school days or they are brand new to us we know that each day they choose us to be a part of their lives and this is an incredible honour and privilege.

Equally, when we welcome new members to the Breakaway Toowoomba team, we take great care to impress upon them the importance of the relationships we have with our clients and the local community and how they are now a part of this.

Due to a recent period of rapid growth, we have been very fortunate to welcome a few new faces this month to both our office and our team of support workers. 

We look forward to them becoming a part of the Breakaway family, contributing to our legacy and helping us to deliver some exciting new projects over the coming months.

Welcome to the team!